EU funding



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  • In agreement with clients, we monitor all available EU tenders (in Croatia and at the level of the European Union), and other tenders for grants under other funding programs

Heading 2

  • Preparation of projects for the tender for EU funds begins with an initial meeting where we work with the client to form an idea for the project. The client may already have a clearly developed idea that he plans to apply for a specific EU tender or if he has only an initial idea and is not familiar with EU funds,  we guide him, suggest options and give everything he needs  information on funding opportunities for the project.

  • We apply for projects in the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia because all the necessary communication can be done via e-mail, social networks and telephone, and distance is no obstacle.

  • First step:  In the successful development of the project  is the preparation of an analysis of the client's business - potential beneficiary and his project ideas and an analysis of available EU tenders.

  • Second step: Recommendation and selection of the appropriate tender for grants from EU funds, exchange of data and documents required by the requirements of the EU tender, in order to prepare a project proposal and business plan.

  • Third step: Preparation of project documentation for EU funds, elaboration of ideas, preparation of project budget,  setting goals, target groups setting all the necessary theses within the project and in accordance with the guidelines of the competition.

  • Step 4: Once the project for EU funds is completed  -  making a business plan  and the rest of the project documentation, according to the requirements of the EU tender, is submitted to the body responsible for the implementation of the tender.

  • Advising and supporting the overall administrative and financial monitoring of the Grant Agreement, including   financial monitoring and coordination of project activities management of works and services contracts

  • Advising and supporting the client regarding obligations under the grant agreement

  • Advising and supporting in the preparation of Requests for Reimbursement (ZNS) including possible changes, and control of the same before   sending PT2

  • Control of ZNS attachments (tender documents, contracts, invoices, delivery notes, statements, payrolls, monthly work reports, etc.) before  sending the same PT2

  • Advising and supporting in the preparation of the Request for the amendment of the grant agreement and the amendment of minor importance according to the client's request

  • Identifying risks and proposing measures to avoid / mitigate them

  • Coordination and supervision of the project team (including external experts)

  • Attendance at the client's location and participation in meetings at the client's premises and other locations  as needed

  • Communication by e-mail / telephone

  • Continuous support to the client in communication with PT2, UT and audit bodies for the purposes of project implementation and reporting via e-mail, telephone or meetings

  • Advising on ensuring an adequate accounting and auditing trail for the client

  • Consulting and preparation of other documents related to project implementation

  • Consulting and drafting of procurement documents, including consulting and drafting of required skills, criteria  the most economically advantageous tenders and all other provisions of the procurement documentation in accordance with the Public Procurement Act and the Ordinance for non-payers of the Public Procurement Act (in the case of partners)

  • Consulting and drafting proposals for answers to bidders' inquiries related to published procurement documentation (regardless of whether it is a public / previous consultation or public procurement)

  • Consulting related to the harmonization of technical specifications, ie cost estimates of works, goods and services with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act  and instructions PT 2

  • Preparation / correction of procurement documentation and other acts within the public procurement procedure, especially in the part related to the definition and  adjustment of technical specifications when preparing cost estimates for specialized equipment

  • Consultation in the implementation of prior consultation with interested economic operators, if applicable

  • Advising during the implementation of the review and evaluation of bids and the preparation of minutes on the review and evaluation of bids

  • Participation in the appeal procedure, if necessary

  • Consulting and drafting of clarification proposals and related documentation in communication with PT2 for ex-ante and ex-post review of documentation  related to public procurement procedures

  • Consulting and quality control of accompanying and outgoing public procurement documents (administrative documentation in the field of public procurement) 

  • Advising on the implementation of contracts arising from public procurement procedures and pointing out important provisions of the contract and  pointing out omissions observed in the execution of the provisions of the contract; advising on ensuring that the execution of the contract is in accordance with the procurement documentation and the selected bid

  • Review of the project procurement plan and advice on the execution and deadlines of procurement, risks and possible changes to the plan (including consulting and drafting proposals for changes to it), including monitoring the implementation of procurement and contracts arising from them in the planned   deadlines

  • Advising and supporting the preparation of project Requests for reimbursement of project funds in the part related to public procurement procedures

  • Advising the Client and the Partner on the legal aspects of all relations, rights and obligations arising from public procurement procedures

  • Administrative management and electronic documentation and archiving of documentation

  • Preparation of public procurement contracts and their supplements (if necessary)

  • Attend meetings at the client's or consultant's premises

  • Promotion and visibility activities are mandatory elements of any project funded by EU funds 

  • The purpose of these activities is:

    • Presentation of the project, project ideas, goals and results

    • Raising public, media and stakeholder awareness of the role of the European Union and announcing the fact that the EU is co-financing the project

    • Share the acquired knowledge and experience, both professional and related to project management.

  • Promotion and visibility activities can go a long way in achieving goals and ensuring sustainability.

  • Information and visibility of projects co-financed from the European Structural and Investment Funds are the responsibility and obligation of all applicants, beneficiaries. Project implementers are expected to carry out information and publicity activities in accordance with the signed grant agreement, ie the applicant is obliged to comply with the visibility and information requirements specified in the Grant Agreement and its annexes.

  • The applicant must ensure the visibility of EU funding according to the Guidelines for Beneficiaries, as regards information and visibility of projects funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF)

  • Implementation of specialized trainings in the field of EU funds in the form of workshops for individual applicants

  • Implementation of in-house trainings and workshops for employees of companies that want to educate their employees in the field of EU funds so that they can continue to apply independently for EU tenders